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My name is Ben and for the last two and a half years, my day job has been centred around writing. While I enjoy it, I’ve recently found myself yearning for an opportunity to write about something different outside of work, something more personal.

On the 9th February 2017, on a beach in South Dorset, I dropped down on one sandy knee and asked Sarah, my girlfriend of three and a half years, to be my wife. That special moment marked the start of a new chapter in both our lives, and one that I felt compelled to write about. As a result, The Nuptial Enigma was born.

Both Sarah and I are Southerners; she was raised in the inimitable beauty of Dorset, while I grew up on the edge of the Cotswold Hills. We met when I took my first job straight out of university, and I still remember the first time my eyes met hers. We were in a quintessential Dorset pub, at a social gathering for new starters to meet existing staff. She bounced in, having recently returned from a trip to the states, and was met with many a hug and a smile; she was clearly well loved here.

Too shy to approach on my own, I waited for a colleague to introduce me. We chatted, but my abiding memory was the abundance of freckles that lit up her face in front of mine. Little did I know just how much that introduction would change my life forever.

A few years on and here we are, stood hand in hand at the starting blocks of our wedding preparations. I’m hugely excited for what lies ahead, if a little uncertain of the wedding world – from my perspective, it even seems to have its own lexicon. What is wedding stationary? Who (or what) is a toastmaster? And why is dinner called breakfast?!

I hope you enjoy following our adventure as we discover the answers to these questions and more.


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